SEO Software Overview

Link Dynamo enables businesses and entrepreneurs to efficiently optimize their website for search through effective white hat link building. Our industry leading cloud based SEO software also includes a suite of powerful tools for on-page optimization, social media marketing, content submission, analysis, analytics, brand management and much more.

White Hat SEO Link Building Overview

3 Powerful Metrics

Know Exactly Where to Go to Build Backlinks

Link Dynamo analyzes the backlink profiles of of your competitors and prioritizes them based on 3 powerful metrics, URL Citation Flow, Domain Citation Flow and Domain Trust Flow. The only thing left for you to do is hop over to the individual sites, with one click, and create these high powered, free backlinks to your website.

In-depth competitive analysis on your competition.

A Better Backlink Profile than Your Competitors

By targeting up to 5 different link profiles and prioritizing them with these 3 factors you are able to create the highest quality and most authoritative SEO Backlinks from all 5 competitors. This makes your link profile supercharged, higher quality, more relevant and much more valuable in the eyes of Google. If you’ve ever wondered how to get backlinks like the Pros, this is it.

The best part is that this methodology is 100% White Hat Search Engine Optimization

You never have to worry about getting in trouble with the Big G!

Additional Link Dynamo Features

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Track the Links You Create

Backlink Watch & Tracking

Once you have used the backlink builder to create your first few new links, you then utilize Link Dynamo to track the pages they are on. In an instant you will be able to check your backlinks and make sure they are still there. This feature also shows you the Page Authority, Domain Authority and how many external links the page has.

Track the authority of the links you develop.

Tracked Links Effectiveness Index

With this backlink tool you will be able to see exactly how well your backlink building efforts are benefiting your website over time. It measures the total number of referring links against the page authority they are coming from and displays this information in a graphical representation.

Backlink Quality Check

Backlink Quality Check

This feature gives graphical representations of your backlink analysis and how they compare to your competitors. This includes number of backlinks, source, dofollow status, domain distribution, a break down of TLD sources and much more.

Toxic Link Monitor

Toxic Link Monitor

As amazingly beneficial high quality dofollow backlinks are to your rankings, low quality, toxic links can be catastrophic. You don’t always have control over who links to your website. This module will constantly monitor the web and notify you should one be detected as potentially harmful to your search rankings. You can then use the Google Disavow Tool to ensure it won’t count against you. Don’t let Google find backlinks that will hurt your ranking before you do.

Lost Backlink Report

Lost Backlinks Report

This feature will monitor backlinks for your website and if any are removed by the site owner, this report will let you know and you can then take corrective action. A decrease in links can drop a web page down in search very quickly. This report will make sure it does not happen to you.

Full Suite of Competitor Insights and Analytics

Competitor Opposition Research Suite

Your suite of SEO tools also comes with a full suite of competitor analysis and opposition research tools. They include competitor traffic stats, backlink profiles, social citations, search ranking and much more. With this information you can see what your competitors are doing that is working and mimic it, only doing it better.

Competitor Link Profile Overview

Competitor Link Profile Overview

This feature will give you a 50,000 foot view of the primary link profile statistics for your website and your competitors. It will show you the progress you are making for the different backlink data points as you utilize our software. These key ranking factors include, Moz Page Authority, Moz Domain Authority, Total Backlinks, Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

You Want More? Link Dynamo Has It!



Every member gets access to the actionable DIY SEO Guide that takes you step by step through optimizing your website for search and the utilization of all the SEO tools we have to offer. This includes on page optimization, social media marketing, web submissions, link building and much more.

Content Submission Module for Link Dynamo

Content Submission Workflow

We have compiled a database of over 100 directories, local listing sites, eCommerce listing opportunities and automatic submission sites. You can submit your website easily, track the submission process and in doing so create a large number of high quality backlinks to your website.

Track the keyword rankings for your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track the keyword rankings for your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is imperative to know if your SEO efforts are yielding positive results. With this tool you will immediately know what position increases or decreases occur from day to day.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research & Keyword Efficiency Index

Our keyword research tool will give you the insights you need when deciding which keyword phases you want to improve your rankings for. Our tool takes it one step further with the Keyword Efficiency Index which calculates the quality of a keyword through a mathematical algorithm that measures the search volume against overall competitiveness of that term. The higher KEI the better.


Web Buzz Monitoring

With this extremely powerful feature you can monitor the web, news articles, blogs and Twitter for your company name, a specific keyword or any other term important to your business. A great way to use this tool would be to monitor the phrase {Your Company Name} Review.

Social Engagement Monitoring Tools

Competitor Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Our Social Media Engagement Suite includes 3 separate, equally powerful tools. The first is Social Citations which shows the number of times URLs from your website have appeared on the major Social Media sites. It also shows the engagements that have taken place with specific posts. The second is Competitor Social Citations which shows the same data about your competitors and gives you a good comparison of your activity and theirs. The third is Social Traffic which displays an easy to read report of traffic to your website and key data points helping you to decide what is working and what needs improvement.

Insights into your Facebook statistics.

Facebook Insights Suite

This suite of tools also includes 3 distinct and very power modules. The first, Niche Popular Topics, enables you to input yours and 4 other Facebook Page URLs to monitor popular topics as well as aggregated data. The second is Page Metrics where your can see an amazing array of data points and statistics about your Facebook Page. The third is Page Demographic that gives you an unbelievable amount of information about people who are interacting with your Facebook Page. This will help you as you move forward with Social Media Marketing efforts.

Google Analytics Integration

Web Analytics – Google Analytics Integration

Our software is completely integrated with Google Analytics. This module makes it easy to reference key information about your existing visitors when creating your SEO and search engine marketing campaigns.

Integrated Google Search Console

Google Search Console Integration

Link Dynamo is also completely integrated with Google Search Console. Get instant data on impressions, click through rates, clicks, top pages, countries, devices and much more.